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Aslan International

Loving the poor, training nationals, planting churches, transformed lives, is all a part of ASLAN’s work in the nation of Turkey. Together with you – our aim is to demonstrate compassion, mercy, and a passion for people.

Christian Aid Mission

Christian Aid is generally considered to be the first missionary agency to support and promote indigenous mission groups. It has been the catalyst behind the present reformation in foreign missions methodology.

Corban University

Corban is a gospel-driven community of scholars and leaders who seek to bring a biblical perspective to all areas of study and practice…

Crossover Communications International

Turkey is the world’s largest unreached nation (Operation World, 21st C. Edition), and the 130 million Turks, located in many countries are one of the largest reached mega-people.  Turkish World Outreach (TWO) was founded in 1969 in order to reach Turks with the Gospel and introduce them to Jesus Christ, who died for them.

Digital BIble Society

The Digital Bible Society works with ministries to gather Bibles and digital resources in text, audio, and video formats that can be freely copied and distributed in the world’s languages.

Door of Hope International

Door of Hope International (DOHI) is a Voice and a Helping Hand to persecuted Christians worldwide. Founded by Dr. Haralan Popov who was imprisoned and tortured for his faith in Jesus Christ for 13 years in Communist Bulgaria. Since 1972, DOHI has delivered more than one million New Testaments and Bibles to Christians living under persecution and restrictions of religious freedom


Our purpose is to equip leaders in many nations with the heart of the Father by connecting, strengthening,   and expanding strategic relationships and stewarding donor relations with God’s rising army of awakening people in all sectors of societies

Open Doors USA

Open Doors works in the world’s most oppressive countries, strengthening Christians to stand strong in the face of persecution and equipping them to shine Christ’s light in these dark places.

Operation Mobilization USA

Operation Mobilisation’s role in the Church is to mobilise people to share the knowledge of Jesus and His love with every generation in every nation.

Partners International

Partners International is a global ministry that works to create and grow communities of Christian witness in partnership with God’s people in the least Christian regions of the world.

Smyrna Ministries International

Our Mission is to serve the Persecuted Church in the Islamic context and challenge the Body of Christ to respond to the plight of the Persecuted Church and the global advance of Islam.

World Venture

WorldVenture is people. A network of partners working together with a shared vision to see people of all nations transformed by Jesus Christ.
WorldVenture is you. Without your involvement through prayer and giving and service little could be accomplished.
WorldVenture is a community of more than 500 missionaries working in more than 65 countries around the globe.
WorldVenture is a committed staff, working from our Headquarters Office in Colorado and Church Connections Regional Offices across the United States to facilitate the work of missions and to assist churches with their worldwide vision.
The WorldVenture community also shares in a 65-year heritage of mission-minded Christians who have given of themselves to see the work of Christ advance around the world. The organization has a history in the Baptist tradition; today our staff and missionaries come from many evangelical Christian backgrounds.

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Joshua Project
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Roman Catholic


The TURK-7 Christian satellite channel has become fully integrated with the international ministry of SAT-7.  Pray that millions of Turkey’s citizens will tune in to the broadcasts.

Some political observers say the regime of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has removed itself from the pro-Western bloc of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Israel and has formed a northern Islamic alliance with IRan, Syria, the Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian radicals

International agencies estimate that 10 million persons in Turkey have a physical or intellectual handicap (about 15% of the population).  Cousins and other close relatives often marry, and the largest number of disabilities are of genetic origin. Accidents and the lack of prenatal care are also common causes.  At present, over 3,000 handicapped children are awaiting placement in state-run facilities that are said to be underfunded and poorly staffed. Please pray for them, and also for Kardelen, a Christian charity that helps care for disabled persons and their families.  To learn about its ministry, contact [email protected]

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