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Did depression cause pastor’s suicide or side effects from meds?

By Mark Ellis -- Pastor Jarrid Wilson took his life on September 9th following a lengthy, open, and honest battle with depression. Only 18 months ago,...

Abandoned and alone, she found the Father’s love after 9/11

By Laken Wilson -- Angela had no parents. Her dad was already married when he got in a relationship with her mother. When Angela was born,...

Kanye West preached strong message in Atlanta megachurch

By Mark Ellis -- Alternately preaching, rapping, and singing in the Spirit, hip-hop artist Kanye West led a church service at New Birth Missionary Baptist...

Archaeologists confirm Babylonian conquest of Israel

By Genesis Mendez -- Nebuchadnezzar’s siege of Jerusalem represented a watershed in Jewish history, ushering in the era of the captivity. The carnage in Jerusalem...

How a spider’s web saved a Marine during World War II

By Sarah Montez -- After intense fighting against the Japanese on Okinawa during World War II, a Marine got separated from his unit amid the...

His answered call into ministry through the kitchen door

By Michael Ashcraft -- When God called Ira Krizo distinctly and undeniably to ministry, “there was no use waiting any longer,” he says. So he immediately...

Barely in high school, Christian rapper turns heads with seasoned lyrics

By Michael Ashcraft -- Every so often a new Christian rapper pops up and seizes everybody's attention with sizzling music and sensational lyrics. Such is...

Daughter of Baha’i minister fled Iran, found new hope in America

By Mark Ellis -- She was a math whiz who defied female stereotypes in Iran by becoming a civil engineer. But after Iran’s 1979 revolution,...

9/11 Remembrance: only known survivor from impact zone credits God

By Mark Ellis -- The 9/11 Commission credits Stanley Praimnath as the only known survivor from the impact zone at the World Trade Center towers...

Missionary died thinking he was a failure; 84 years later thriving...

By Mark Ellis -- In 1912, medical missionary Dr. William Leslie went to live and minister to tribal people in a remote corner of the...

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Transgender surgery left him confused and suicidal

By Mark Ellis -- At a young age, he suffered abuse at the hands of several family members, which left him psychologically scarred. Many years...
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Featured Comments

This is the best and most touching testimony I’ve ever heard. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! Kyaw Linn, 9/19

Glory to God of heaven and earth! I sense this is a turning point testimony for the body of Christ. We are to love and pray for our enemies, and this is why! God cares about each one of his creation, and so must we. I’m a missionary in Europe; and I will renew my prayers for the Muslim people around me. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and love for all! Let us continue to lift up the church of America, UK, and all of Europe. There are little fires already–Holy Spirit blow upon them and start a global fire for you, God!! Shawn, 9/19

Thank you Jesus. What an amazing story & testimony. We need this wake up call. It’s happening in our church here in Uhai Center Kiambu, Kenya…I need to wake up! Bahati, 9/19

This has challenged me as a Christian not to be complacent. Joshua, 9/19

It tasted so sweet to read this story. God bless Iran and Israel. Tim, 9/19

WOW. Just stunning. Deedwan, 9/19

This is so encouraging to know GOD is on the move in Iran. I identify with the spiritual sleepiness in America. I am in Canada but sense it in my family and friends, this sleepiness. I know GOD will make a way for us. HE will never leave us or forsake us. Carmen, 9/19

I’m in Canada too. This touched me deeply. Yes we are in a deeper than USA slumber living comfortable lives. I came from SA 24 years ago and lived through a number of terrifying experiences. I pray that we can get people wake up to our desperateness for Jesus. Annemarie, 9/19

This testimony is absolutely incredible. Allen, 9/19

A friend put your report on Facebook this morning, about the man who survived the 911 attack. After reading this, I was excited to watch some other stories of some places where God has opened doors for the Gospel!!! The story of Haiti caught my attention. My wife spent over 19 years there as a missionary nurse. Since we were married, we have been going into Haiti and are now the field-directors for Hope International Missions (HIM), overseeing 4 churches, an orphanage and a school. Pastor Michael Hobbs, 9/19

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